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Solo Creek Guide Services Hunts

Solo Creek offers a 10 day hunt inclusive only to your stay with us. (You must arrange and pay your own air charter, car rental, hotel etc) A deposit of ½ the price is required. If you are unable to make your scheduled hunt you will forfeit your deposit. For special circumstances the deposit may be applied to a hunt at a later date depending on the notification date of the cancelation.

To prevent over hunting in this pristine area and to facilitate the success of the hunt Solo Creek Guide Services only books 4 hunters each year. These are usually in pairs of two. The species of big game we hunt are Moose, Dall Sheep, Grizzly Bear and Timber Wolf.

Most of our hunting is done on horseback depending on the terrain. During a ten day hunt one might expect to take two and sometimes three trophies. Hunters will be accompanied at all time by the Registered Guide Tom Vaden or his experienced assistant guides. Hunters retain the right to turn down any animal. We guarantee great hunting but do NOT guarantee the taking of any animal

BIG GAME HUNT DATES AND PRICES (Exact dates are flexible)
Solo Creek Guide Services offers 10 day Hunts for Bear, Moose and Dall Sheep.
Prices include flights to and from Tok, Alaska to Solo Creek.
Hunting Dates & Prices are as follows:

10 Day September 2nd to 11th (Moose, Sheep and Grizzly Bear)
Moose Hunt   $16,500  
Grizzly Hunt   $10,000  
Dall Sheep Hunt   $16,500  
10 Day September 15th to 24th (Moose & Grizzly Bear)
Moose Hunt   $16,500  
Grizzly Hunt   $10,000  
Hunt Dates are Flexible!

When booking a Moose or Dall Sheep Hunt the first animal is $16,500,  if you choose to hunt a second animal the price would be $3,000 off that animals original booking fee.



Recommended Gear:
Rifle with Ammo
Water Bottle
2 pair of Gloves
2 pair of boots, one water proof and insulated
2 pair hunting pants and pants to “relax in”
Several shirts for various weather conditions
Rain Gear
Insulated hunting gear for cool and colder weather
Binoculars or spotting scope
Sleeping Bags
Personal Hygiene products

Purchase your license and tags from home.
Go To:

Non-Resident Annual Hunting License $160.00
Non-Resident Annual Hunting License and 14 Day FISHING license $265.00

Non-Resident Grizzly Tag $1000.00
Non-Resident Moose Tag $800.00
Non-Resident Sheep Tag $850.00